Cost: 0.

Acción de Héroe: descarta una Mejora Tecnología que controles → prepara tu Héroe y elige entre INT, ATQ o DEF. Hasta el final de la ronda, tu Héroe recibe +X en el atributo elegido, siendo X igual al coste impreso de esa Mejora.

SP//dr #16.

Having just played a game to try out the starter deck, I don't think this is good for Peni. Discarding a tech is quite a cost, especially considering how most of them in your deck are your identity-specific ones which you need for your resources and abilities.

It's better if you have a deck where you don't mind throwing away cheap techs such as Energy Barrier which is fortunately in this deck. Building around it might not be too bad, but I can imagine other characters like Iron Man who have lots of tech out and can dig for them easily wouldn't mind playing this card. At the moment, I think it's very awkward and unless you build around it, won't find its way into many decks.

HatfulBob · 2
On paper, it should be fine in that deck: you have both Energy Barrier and Forcefield Generator as disposable Tech that you can wring some value from, then Repurpose. After that, you have Host Spider to ready again, for an additional use of the stat bonus. — Fry · 190
I'd agree though it's a bit tough with your handsize, considering how Forcefield Generator costs 3 so you're a bit stretched on resources. — HatfulBob · 2
You have to consider the snowball effect of playing two of these in a row. The chosen power gets a bonus till the end of the ROUND. This means you can hit with a +3 with a 3-cost upgrade, a +5 with a subsequent 2-cost. That's already 19 damage using Host Spider (to ready once more) with an ATT 2 character. Imagine using a 4-cost tech upgrade Great stuff for a last ditch effort. — salsatheone · 2

I think this is an interesting card with Black Widow, as she has a couple of preparation cards which are Tech upgrades so she can play it very reliably. I tried out a deck which does this at

adsarf · 276
This card bumps iron man up the list and changes my aspect for him completely (from justice). Rush out low cost, trashy techs turn 1 and 2 to boost the hand size to 5. Control early threat from turn 1/2 by flinging the bad techs. Get out the monster techs on your second pass through your deck and take over. — This_Dr_isnt_Strange · 1