Honey Tejón
Gabby Kinney



Cost: 2.
Health: 2.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Respuesta de Héroe: despúes de que Honey Tejón sufra cualquier cantidad de Daño, prepara a X-23.

"No me asustas. ¡Y no dejaré que sigas jugando con mis amigos!"
Eleonora Carlini
X-23 #3. X-23 #2.
Honey Tejón

I have revised my review (01MAY2024) given the clarification of 'dealing' vs 'taking' damage means that Honey Badger cannot ready X-23 when she has a single HP left. (The damage would be applied, taking her out of play, so her ability would not activate.)

With this change in mind, I will say that -on her own- Honey Badger is an interesting ally that will provide you with an extra attack or thwart and then hopefully chump for you, assuming you're lucky enough to be facing the three villains that don't have Overkill now.

With Sisterhood, you could toss her out a few times and time some big swings in any aspect.

But in Leadership? The spine tingles in anticipation.

Even before Age of Apocalypse, X-23 players had some serious Voltron clout with Reinforced Suit, Danger Room Training and Command Team to get a lot of bang for our buck out of HB.

But now we have Sidekick and Suit Up. Essentially a tutor to get Honey Badger and Sidekick that can be used to find other upgrades you can slap on HB so long as you have one or two other allies in the deck. (You can only get Sidekick with Suit Up if you pull Honey Badger.)

Well, in a leadership deck with a few upgrades, Honey Badger changes from mildly useful to almost overpowered (those Command Teams and a Clarity of Purpose or two.).

Then again, you DO have to play a certain kind of deck. If you want to do a Justice build, Honey Badger reverts to being mildly interesting.

MacGhille · 243
I used to think it would be nice to make a big ally Until I ate Obligation... I can't bear it... — Makst · 1