Cost: 1.

Attach to an identity-specific ally you control. Max 1 per deck.

Attached ally gets +2 hit points and is your "sidekick."

Response: After you make a basic recovery, heal 2 damage from attached ally.

Age of Apocalypse #15.

This card and its sister card Side-by-Side are proof of a just and loving R&D team at FFG. Sidekick immediately takes several decks that are either dependent on or significantly improved by their signature allies up a full tier level or more.

Top allies to consider this for:

Captain Marvel: Spider-Woman wants to play multiple aspect cards in hand and Cap gets them to her hand. Probably the best part of playing the Sidekick package with Ms. Drew is that because of her two-aspect deckbuilding, doing so doesn’t even limit your remaining card pool thar much.

Wong: After all, didn’t Doctor Strange need yet another busted thing to do? Wong was already a major enough part of Doc’s strategy to send many players into blue to support him. Now he gets added survivability AND readies with Side-by-Side? Just disgusting.

Honey Badger: Sidekick is practically a love letter to X-23, a hero whose entire kit revolves around her little clone sister. Leadership isn’t currently a favored aspect for X-23, but between Sidekick shenanigans and Clarity of Purpose, more X-23 players should consider it.

Brawn: Young Mr. Cho takes care of a lot of early problems during Ironheart’s setup period with a hefty 2 THW/3 ATK stat line PLUS his ability to generate a Genius resource. Since Ironheart already frequently pairs with Leadership to get access to Beast, adding some support for the big green guy is neither difficult nor onerous.

citizenthom · 65
Sp//Dr w/ Ven#m is pretty sick too — Ah_Pook · 13
My thoughts or — Hakurai · 7
I think this might be best with Spider-Woman as Captain Marvel as a Sidekick will allow you to draw cards. It gets even crazier with the stat boosting and readying of Side-by-Side (since the its stat boosting is until end of phase instead of for the next attack). I like to combo it with the cheap and additional card draw of Justice (which also enables Coulson + Rapid Response). — Eeeville · 1

Sidekick is really interesting for Drax, who needs to keep Mantis around for as long as possible. With Side-by-Side you can also use Mantis to thwart sometimes as well. The trouble with Drax is that he will be aiming not to use a basic recovery at all, so the response on Sidekick goes to waste with him. She-Hulk is a hero with a key identity-specific ally who tends to make a lot of basic recoveries, so I think she is an excellent match for Sidekick/Side-by-Side. Phoenix is another hero with lots of reasons to go into Alter Ego and who benefits from a basic recovery. If Cyclops never comes off the board then his response essentially means that Sidekick was free, and the Sidekick/Psychic Kicker combo seems pretty appealing.

I'm surprised that there don't seem to be many decks using Sidekick with those heroes yet.

More of an oddball choice but I'm interested in Sidekick for Ms Marvel. She wouldn't benefit much from Side-by-Side but 2ER to make Red Dagger immortal seems like a good trade to me and worth exploring leadership for her.

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