Thor King (leadership)

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tiagoasmus · 32

This is my main deck for solo play. I have beaten a lot of different scenarios in expert (still haven't tried wrecking crew, though) and already triumphed over rhino, klaw and ultron in heroic 1. Rhino with legions of Hydra was tought as hell, the most challenging so far. However, Ultron was trampled with relative ease.

Some insight on how I play the deck:

  • Allies are expendable, used mainly for their "when played" abilities and twarting. With Rapid Response and Make the Call I should always have at least one ally around to block the nastier attacks. Thor can take a lot of undefended damage to save the most valuable allies, such as Hawkeye or Vision.

  • Thor stays in hero mode most of the time, as he can sustain a lot of damage, also preventing the villain to scheme. Usually, I go to alter ego in the turn when I play Lady Sif for additional recovery.

  • Mjolnir can be used as resource in the early game, or after a well timed Hammer Throw before going to alter ego. Not so much when I start focusing on damaging the villain.

  • It is painfull, but Thor twarts a lot until he has the company of the more powerfull allies. In fact, I usually only attack with him to get rid of the more annoying minions or in the big explosive turns to finish the villain. If threat is not a concearn, I defend with him so he can stay more time in hero mode.

  • Defender of the Nine Realms must be used carefully. I prefer to use it only when in dire threat situation (usually to clear side schemes), or to setup an amazing turn with a Lightning Strike to clear lots of minions.


This is not supposed to be a super strong amazing deck, but just a viable one for a very under-apreciated hero. I hope this encourages more players to try this unusual combination of hero/aspect.

Also, if anyone tries this or a similar Thor deck, i would love to read some impressions and/or suggestions.