Spider-Man Leadership - Beating Green Goblin Heroic 1

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Team Covenant · 1140

We decided to play our first game using the Heroic format (where each player gets 1 extra encounter card per turn) against the Green Goblin Scenario Mutagen Formula. I had almost no choice but to bring Spider-Man to the table for thematic reasons, so I decided to play one of my favorite aspect pairings with him - leadership. The card pool was definitely relatively limited at the time, but this deck has some really great synergy nonetheless.

Black Cat is one of my favorite cards in the game. Her ability to attack without taking consequential damage is great, particularly when you can play a copy of Inspired on her to give her +1 attack. Web-Shooter generating a wild resource on command is particularly good for triggering the action on Vision.

Given that I was already wanting to play Inspired for Black Cat, this was some really strong synergy. With these two allies in mind, cards like Get Ready and Lead from the Front become critical components of this deck.

While Peter Parker is pretty good at generating resources, his curve is a bit lower than some other heroes. This is where Quinjet comes in, which allows you to drop in cards like Vision or Hawkeye and still have the resources to play some of the previously mentioned synergies.

You can watch this deck in play along with Ms. Marvel against Mutagen Formula Heroic on our Youtube Channel.