Fire Ants

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ClassyRobot · 4723

"We have Dive Bomb at home..."


Warrior Skill boosts all of Giant Stomp. Aggressive Energy boosts all of Giant Stomp. Let's bring it together! You can get up to 4 damage to each minion, 11 to a single enemy at it’s peak.

Dive Bomb has higher potential, but requires you to be both Aerial and have Honed Technique out, and it costs 1 more resource.

What you get in the trade off, however, is not needing to build around HT, allowing you more freedom in a build. Also…Antoinette wasn’t available to give Scott Aerial so we work with what we have!

Let’s talk combos:

  • Swarm Tactics has two allies to trigger the team up (both Wasps) making it more reliable to trigger
  • The wombo combo for Giant Stomp also works for One by One
  • Army of Ants is able to secure the kicker for One by One and overkill for No Quarter. They are also free if you’re in Tiny form with Team-Building Exercise
  • No Quarter could be swapped out for Melee in a really minion heavy scenario for a similar combo, but No Quarter is just so universally good and putting melee in would probably see you wanting to lean into a HT deck. Nothing wrong with that, the combos works great in that as well!

Thanks for checking this out!


Feb 16, 2023 journeyman2 · 22303

Another "fire" deck!

Feb 23, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4723

Why thank you @journeyman2! It's a small but mighty Aggression deck :P