Darth Phoenix

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Nugget · 8

In this deck, Phoenix joins the Dark Side of the Phoenix Force, and wants to get UNLEASHED as soon as she gets her Laser Swords along with all the nasty icons needed to power them.

Those icons can be gotten from cards like Headpool, Bob, Agent of Hydra, Ambush and the Symbiote Suit, or you can just go all out and Live Dangerously. Once you are UNLEASHED with the fully powered Laser Swords, you will basic attack for 7, and ready yourself with Stick-To-Itiveness to do it again!

For added Star Wars theme, use the force with Telepathy and Telekinesis, and get help from the droid Vivian who can silence any dangerous cards in play, for example if you want to get a break from Live Dangerously during the villain phase.

If you're struggling with finding the Laser Swords or getting the nasty icons in play, use your Mulligan to go through your deck quickly. But don't forget to spend some resources on your Telekinesis, Telepathy, or Stick-To-Itiveness as using them don't count as playing cards before a Mulligan.

Being UNLEASHED means that Dark Phoenix has a higher likelihood of coming out, but if she does, just embrace the Dark Side. Use Headpool to make her decimate the villain with her Villainous keyword and all the Amplify icons in play on Consume the World, Live Dangerously and Headpool himself. If you're as scared of her as the villain will be, use Barely a Scratch and Telekinetic Shield to avoid taking damage from her yourself.

There are some more intricacies of this deck, and you can join the Dark Side of the Phoenix Force to figure it out.


Feb 10, 2024 andyr · 2194

this looks a like a great and different take on phoenix. fun build!

Feb 10, 2024 alechoward41 · 182

The name alone makes this deck awesome lol