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VillainTheory · 22045

"Domino subconsciously generates a PSIONIC aura around herself that alters probabilities,” - marvel.com

Huh! You're telling me Domino is really psionic?

...Time to dig out Cerebro.

So this is the second deck in my Unusual X-Force Decks series! Want to know more? Here's the video: https://youtu.be/NiOF4_cmtsU

Why is this deck unusual?

Because this is a Danger Room deck, all about X-Men allies, on an X-Force hero. Something I think deserves to be explored more - particularly with Domino, who doesn't appear to have any decks with Danger Room!

Using our hero ability we can swap an X-Men ally on top of our deck, go alter-ego, then draw it with Cerebro with no risk of Cerebro missing. (And even if we start the turn alter-ego, with 8 X-Men allies, we still have fairly good odds to find someone!) Then we upgrade our X-Men via Danger Room.

Conveniently, most X-Men allies are 3+ cost for Jackpot!


  • Archetype: Danger Room X-Men
  • Difficulty: Above Average
  • Play Style: Flipper (keep changing forms as much as possible)
  • Recommended Player Count: 2-4 Player (Also good solo vs. generous main schemes)
  • Ideal Aspect Partner: Any

Mulligan Priorities:

Simple Guide to Success:

  1. We're almost guaranteed to find multiple great setup cards on Turn 1 - this means you'll have to make hard choices. Be ruthless, play what you can, and remember that Pip the Pug and Forge can retrieve a lot of the upgrades/supports you may initially have to sacrifice to play others.

  2. Your Posse allies are still playable here! Especially Diamondback in higher player counts. And White Fox is White Fox - too good not to bring.

  3. Danger Room is good, but Danger Room Training is playable raw too. Slap it on a fresh Angel for 5 extra damage if you use him three times and then block. The boost to both stats also makes it super versatile. Thwart with Colossus four times for 8 threat removal? Then block an attack? Sure. Slow but good.

  4. Jackpot! is, in my opinion, the best card in almost any Domino deck. Move it around, use it as many times as you can. Spend it, shoot it, send Beast after it, exploit it, win.

  5. Pip the Pug loves Jackpot!. He also loves The Painted Lady. Use Pip or The Painted Lady to ensure you get the other one into play.

  6. Domino loves alter-ego. This deck loves it especially. Keep flipping, keep activating Danger Room, Cerebro, Pip the Pug, The Painted Lady, Weapon X, and your alter-ego ability. The value is hard to quantify.

  7. Those pistols + Sharpshooter are ridiculously good still. Don't sleep on them.

  8. Mirage and Professor X are Psionic, bringing Cerebro fully online. Also? Mirage, upgraded via Danger Room, can trigger her response with her now-raised stats.

  9. The Painted Lady is great to grab back key upgrades and supports you discard, or catch juicy resource cards, but it's also a great resource sink. Too much money? Go spend it on something you banked under Painted Lady!

  10. Did I mention Jackpot!?

If you want more, the first deck in the series can be found here:

Good luck and have fun!


Feb 14, 2024 dr00 · 37796

i do love the idea of Danger Room with x-force heroes. X-23 seems like a decent shout as well, especially since Honey Badger is already an X-Men

i love Cerebro as well here, just using psionic allies to power it up and get exactly what you need. Domino has so much tutoring available, seems like a perfect fit!

Feb 14, 2024 VillainTheory · 22045

@dr00 Oh it has to go so well with X-23, great shout. Especially with a certain new 2-cost basic ally that may have just been officially spoiled...