Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Jessica Jones recibe +1 INT por cada Plan secundario que haya en juego.

"Se me da muy bien encontrar a gente."
Caja básica #59.
Jessica Jones

I'll have to disagree on this one to the original review. I think that Jessica Jones is one of the weaker allies in the core set. The majority of the time, I am getting a blank 1 Thwart 2 Attack ally that will end up punching a couple of people and has no real benefit other than that. Perhaps it is the way that we play, but we don't end up letting schemes sit around. So, at best case she is a 2/2 for 3 cost when you see her. She is a very vanilla ally that won't bring much to the table.

I think that in the Justice aspect, what she is bringing to the table is really just a little hitting power since Justice is a bit lacking in that department. No complaints about getting 4-6 damage out of her when its needed, but I don't expect that much more from her.

It has recently gained significant power in the latest pack with The Wrecking Crew however. She does some serious work in that match-up.

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I definitely agree more with your take than the previous review, but I'd be hard pressed to not include her in a Justice deck. You say 2/2 for 3 as if that's a bad thing; who else is Justice playing for 3 that has that kind of value? She's the "anti side scheme" tech card that still does 6 damage for 3 cost, worst case scenario. — ecamel · 11
No mention for multiplayer ? And now i think she have her place with Cable. — Lifeburst · 7

Jessica Jones may be, pound for pound, the single most powerful and impactful ally in the Core Set - with caveats.

Let's talk about that ability. It can ramp to absolutely ABSURD levels, in PROPORTION to what the villain's getting away with.

You look down at the table at four active side schemes with crisis and hazard icons. This can be demoralizing in most games. Seems Sisyphean, even for our heroes.

But wait - your Leadership player got her out with Make the Call last turn, and invested an Inspired. Now they've got Lead from the Front and Get Ready in hand.

Base 1 THW + 1 (event) + 1 (inspired) + 4. That makes an Inspired and Led Jessica Jones a Death Star Cannon for Villain schemes, throwing an unbelievable THW 7 in this situation. She can nearly handle entire side schemes herself with Get Ready plays. And that's not even getting into the fact that when Inspired, she throws elbows as hard as She-Hulk.

But the thing about insurance policies is...you gotta pay the premiums every month. A Protection deck backing you up means access to Med Team which means More Jessica Jones. Get First Aid in the mix of your decks, she's worth the play to keep her out every single time.

The caveat is...well, look at the assistance she needs to be consistently used all game. She needs Protection and Leadership to fully maximize her ability - but even not "maximized" she is a very strong 3-drop in a solo.

She's more effective than Daredevil. But we kinda already knew that.

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