Cost: 0.

Acción: busca un Evento Ataque entre las 4 primeras cartas de tu mazo (las primeras 7 si tienes adoptada tu identidad de Alter ego) y añádelo a tu mano. Baraja tu mazo.

"No, ya tengo un plan. Atacar." - Starlord
Gamora #13.
Plan de ataque

If it hits, it's a card that thins down your deck and sometimes offers the utility of even choosing between multiple attack cards for the most relevant one. Otherwise you've just wasted a resource that could have paid for another card. Not sure I'd trust always hitting an attack event when looking at just 4 cards, but for a hero that is happy to swap into AE form fairly often (She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Groot) it seems like a good effect for 0.

voidstar · 6
especially good with Ms. Marvel, you can thin the deck really fast with this + Bruno — sedlak87 · 1
Works with Hawkeye’s arrows too…which is real nice — Daringhour7 · 65