Joaquín Torres


Aéreo. Campeón.

Cost: 4.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Respuesta de Héroe: después de que el Halcón ataque o intervenga, gasta un recurso → prepara otro personaje Campeón que controles.

"Eh, esto, soy Joaquín. He venido a rescatarte… y, eh, bien, ¿no?"
Ironheart #15.

This Falcon is over-costed by 1 on stats alone but has a versatile ability to ready another Champion character when used. It is better for this to be your hero than an ally since allies take consequential damage. Usually this will be one resource spent for 2 damage or 2 thwart...an acceptable rate, but not enough to compensate for the up-front cost on Falcon unless you can buff your hero's stats with Combat Training or something similar. Like Patriot, though Falcon is ostensibly a payoff for the Champions archetype, the Champions synergy moves it from poor to average, not to something impressive. To boot, allies remains the most crowded card type and there are far better options - especially in leadership. Short of an Aerial theme deck or all-in Champions theme deck, I would try not to play Falcon.

Stretch22 · 439