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Bsli · 7

The Idea: Since justice is my favourite aspect, i was convinced, that is the best way to play Tony (the usual, all the energy cards etc etc.), then I think there was a topic in a Facebook group about surprising hero and aspect combinations, and someone mentioned Iron Man protection. So i gave it a spin.

Man I was wrong.... Protection Iron Man is amazing, and sooo much fun in solo. He is basically the worst nightmare of Ultron :D (Energy Barrier, War Machine + Med Team, Powered Gauntlets). I just love how he plays mechanically, and also thematically (Tech guy making Energy barrier, and rich guy having Med teams at his disposal :D)

Overview: The main difference between this and another aspect is the added tech upgrades with Energy Barrier. You get to build the hand size faster. Once built, you can stay in hero form more effectively, due to Energy Barriers, Preemptive Strike, Defensive Stance and Med Teams.

General strategy: Mostly the same as other Iron Man aspects, unless damage is a concern from early on vs the villain, then you can prioritize energy barriers to your normal tech upgrades (vs Ultron especially). Rest of the game is mostly the same as well, utilize the sustain to stay in hero form longer, resulting in less threat and the 5/round thwart being more than enough.

Getting attacked: Just a calrification, dont defend, unless it means life or death. 1 DEF does not worth as much as the activation,a nd with the protection cards, you can soak the damage pretty easily. If you have 1 Preemptive strike in hand, 2 Energy Barriers in play (not hard, since you can get it back with Stark Tower), 1 Defensive stance, and 1 Med team, that means that you can cancel the boost icons, soak 5 damage, and heal 2 damage after it. Not many attack get through that.

Allies: Black Widow: Getting her out with a Quincarrier is an extra safety net vs the potentially game ending encounter cards (let it be attachment, minion or Advance), dont use her, unless the 2 THW is a must.

Nova: This was Luke Cage in the first version of the deck, but so far the sustain is so good, that he is not needed to soak, so he was mostly used as energy resource. Nova can be the same, but if you have problem with minions, you can get him on the table, and if the boost card for the attack is 0 or 1, you can use Preemptive Strikes as energy for Nova to deal with the minions.

War Machine: Same as any other aspect, except that against Ultron he can be the MVP combined with Med Team.

Achievements: Solo: Rhino expert Rhino heroic 1 Klaw expert Ultron expert Risky Business expert Mutagen Formula expert