Hulk goes Smash!

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Sturmbert · 8

It’s all about hitting hard as hulk and doing big recovery rounds with banner (Banner's Laboratory, Down Time)

Boundless Rage and Combat Training make you hit like a truck, while Hulk Smash and Skilled Strike add significant oomph. Boosting base attack improves 4 core cards (namely Crushing Blow and Unstoppable Force )

Martial Prowess, Drop Kick and Relentless Assault just fall into place for Hulk as they extend the Strength focus of his core cards.

Brawn helps with tough statuses and thwarting and is fantastic value

Conditional cards are kept to a minimum so that enraged does not enrage the player.

Hall of Heroes and "You'll Pay for That!" are flex cards that highly depend on the nemesis to be effective. (Ultron and Rhino would make these shine for example...)