Spider-man: Big Time

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dthz · 7

The first deck I ever made was a Protection Spider-man deck. It wasn't great.

Since then, however, Protection has received a number of cards and now is the time to revisit green Spider-man.

The idea of this deck is that Spider-man defends for the team, preventing damage and using his Hero power plus Unflappable to draw cards. Indomitable and Desperate Defense should allow him to block multiple times a turn too. Backflip and Expert Defense should ensure that he takes now damage.

Web-Shooter and Tackle add some attack mitigation, taking the pressure off.

This deck is running a higher than average 1 cost cards, so Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier are less important in this deck. They are still great cards, so worth having at least 1 copy and as the deck should cycle fairly quickly, 1 copy of each is a viable tactic.

Having them in the deck plus drawing additional cards means you will draw Swinging Web Kick more frequently and possibly play multiple at turn.

The high number of also means you have a good chance of drawing cards off Black Cat.