Captain America: "We Can Do This All Day!"

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Neokarasu · 39


Symbiote Suit allows Cap to go nuts with his readying ability. The deck also runs additional readying cards like Desperate Defense and Indomitable to get even more value out of the Suit.

Card choices:

  • Symbiote Suit: juices up Cap's ability to ready. The +10 HP also enables Dauntless
  • Desperate Defense: readies Cap to take advantage of Symbiote Suit. 7 defense should be enough for most attacks.
  • Never Back Down: the stun is a virtual ready because it allows Cap to not have to exhaust during the villain turn.
  • Defiance: with 5 base defense, discarding any boost essentially guarantees a full block most of the time for 0 cost and this also prevents any special boost icons from showing up.
  • Armored Vest: persistent defense bonus.
  • Electrostatic Armor: persistent incidental damage for cheap.
  • Dauntless: another source of incidental damage enabled by Symbiote Suit.
  • Unflappable: extra cards for doing what you want to be doing anyway.
  • The Night Nurse: cheap source of healing that can also remove status cards.
  • Med Team: good chunk of healing without having to swap to Steve so you can keep blocking every turn. Also turns Agent 13 into a pretty good thwarting machine.
  • Black Widow: emergency re-roll for any particularly bad Encounters.
  • Jocasta: virtual hand-size increase and 4 thwarts.

Cards not included:


  • Excellent damage mitigation. You will rarely have to swap to Steve so you should be able to consistently do chip damage via Retaliate + Electrostatic Armor + Dauntless while drawing with Unflappable.
  • Can handle multiple small/medium minions well via Retaliate and Shield Toss.
  • This version can scale well with player count due to all of the ready effects, you can block for other players often.


  • Can get overwhelmed by side schemes. Mostly reliant on Fearless Determination and U.S. Agent to control threat. Fortunately you shouldn't have to swap to Steve very often.
  • The extra encounter from Symbiote Suit can be problematic vs certain villains.