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Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

The Gang Posse Hits the Jackpot!

Hitting it big, again and again!


I could try to explain all the things Domino can do, and I would like to take the easy route and say you will just need to play her more and more and things will click. However, I will try to highlight at least what I am trying to accomplish with this deck and I hope that helps. If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear them!

The Posse


This deck does lean into the Posse quite a bit. Getting them into play is beneficial not only because they turn on The Posse event, but on their own they deliver high value. Which is great because sometimes a one of event can be hard to rely on. There will be games where you will pull off The Posse event multiple times and others not at all. These allies are still great for the following reasons:

  • Diamondback: is great at crowd control, but also she avoids retaliate damage with her ability since it isn’t an attack. Also more opportunities to discard from the top of the deck and set up big damage turns.

NOTE Did you know Diamondback can deal 3 damage to everything twice in one turn with no other card in play than Pip the Pug? Who needs Make the Call!?

Starting in hero form with Jackpot! in hand and Diamondback at 1 remaining HP:

  1. Swap jackpot to the top of the deck
  2. Diamondback goes brrrr
  3. Don't trigger Jackpot! it will land in the discard first and then Diamondback will be on top of the discard.
  4. Go to AE and use Domino's ability to swap Diamondback to hand and replay her
  5. Pip Jackpot on top
  6. Diamondback goes brrrr

  • Outlaw: Tough is always outstanding. Makes for a great Call for Backup target if playing alongside Cable or anyone running it. More discard from the top. Can get to 3 ATK pretty easily, but can go up to 4 ATK!
  • White Fox: Excellent “free” ally, a decent stat line for being “free”. Also helps to get THE POSSE event online
  • Atlas Bear: OK stat line, possibly could draw you a card. However, one of the things she will really help Domino with is being able see what the top card is regardless if it is an event or not. Those that play Domino will 100% experience the frustration comedy of swapping a Digging Deep from hand to the top of the deck only to realize the top of the deck already had a Digging Deep, or that they used a discard ability first and discarded a double resource that they could have swapped to hand. DOH! Atlas Bear can help smooth out those decisions!

Why Protection?

Look, calling this a Protection deck might be a reach with only 6 Protection cards, but those 6 are very purposeful and do a great job at keeping the Posse online. Med Team being the biggest help. Yes, you will “waste” 1 heal when healing Diamondback, and that is OK! She is that important (I mean you read the example from before right?). Why Med Team over First Aid. I will get into that deeper later, but Domino really likes a costlier deck, and more importantly likes to have things that are playable from Alter Ego. Also Med Team is storable and cheaper than playing 3 First Aids. The other thing Protection offers us is What Doesn't Kill Me, another stellar card and another ready. Combined with The Posse this deck has 4 Domino readies. Those readies are great because Probability Field does NOT exhaust! Weapon X sneakily allows Domino to get into What Doesn’t Kill Me range via one trip to Alter Ego (1 damage on the flip down, and 1 damage on the way up the next turn). Then we got The Night Nurse to help us heal and more importantly remove nasty statuses, or helps us expand our role if we are in Multiplayer by dipping our toe into a healer. That’s it though, no defense events or Unflappable, etc etc. You won’t need it. In fact I would strongly urge face tanking the first Villain attack you take to help ensure What Doesn't Kill Me is online. Also Endurance is there as a pseudo 3 Heal and give you more room to play with your HP as a resource. Don't be afraid to let your HP get low, it's a resource here and we need like 4+ damage to play with.


As I mentioned before Domino likes a costlier deck and having things to pay for from Alter Ego. Reason being is that she can turn 1 (or subsequent AE turns) Jackpot or Energy/Genius/Strength and play it twice using her Alter Ego ability. Heck, by mid Game she can use Jackpot 3 times in one turn!!!!!!!!!

This might seem like fantasy Christmas Land but keep in mind if you can do even HALF of this you are having a good time lol

  1. Use Jackpot (1st) to play Med Team
  2. Use Alter Ego ability to exchange and bring Jackpot back to hand
  3. Use Jackpot (2nd) to play Outlaw
  4. Use Pip to put it on top of the deck
  5. Outlaw activates and discards Jackpot and catch it with The Painted Lady and exhaust painted lady to bring to hand, or just use Weapon X to discard from the top of the deck to bring Jackpot to hand.
  6. Use Jackpot again (3rd), or flip up and swap it onto the top of your deck and go nuts!

What I hope the above illustrates is just how important being able to play something from Alter Ego is. Enhanced Physique is in here strictly because it is a 2 cost card to play from AE that converts itself into resources later, making it a perfect target for a double use of a basic double resource, and it just happens to provide the required resource for What Doesn’t Kill Me or help you pay for literally anything else. Imagine your opening hand was one double and 2 Enhanced Physiques and a pistol, YOU CAN PLAY IT ALL and still have a card left over and 2 counter left on each Enhanced Physique. Seems alright. Also don’t be afraid to over spend with Jackpot. If your opening hand is Diamondback and Probability Field, yada yada yada, Jackpot!. Spend Jackpot twice on those two cards. Just don’t forget to later use Pip the Pug to bring back Jackpot, by putting it on top of the deck.


Jackpot! Jackpot! Jackpot! Jackpot!

As I just mentioned do be sure if you leave Jackpot in the discard to use Pip the Pug to get it back into your deck somehow. Once you are down to less than 10 cards left in your deck AND Jackpot! is one of them look out! If you have been building your board (Domino's Pistol, Sharpshooter, Probability Field, Outlaw, and/or Diamondback) there is a high likelihood of hitting Jackpot multiple times in one turn, because you can just shuffle it back into your deck with its response.

There are actually really good odds, that increase as the deck gets thinner, that one shot with Domino's Pistol can hit Jackpot! and hit again on the same activation via Sharpshooter.

Always, always, always, find a way to get Jackpot back into your deck. It is so much fun hitting it multiple times and it slows milling your own deck while increasing your output. Win Win Win.

WHEW! The End

This write up barely scratches the surface as to what Domino can do, but I hope it conjures up some ideas and gets you excited to jump in. Notice I never got too hung up on one specific strategy, be willing to adapt. Some games you are going to be in sync with The Posse event and other games you won’t. Domino has a lot of outs and this deck does a good job at letting you pivot. Domino’s Pistols and Probability Field would be the highest priority cards, but even with those be willing to pass if the game state is demanding something else from you. Pip is a good dog and will get them back for you!

While this deck, like a lot of non-Leadership/Justice decks, gets much better in multiplayer, Domino is no slouch at removing threat with Right Place, Right Time and Probability Field. If playing true solo you could consider cutting a copy of Enhanced Physique for Professor X to provide a needed confuse and extra thwarting.

Special shout out to journeyman2 for taking this deck for a spin, and having a great time. If you want want to have an even better time be sure to try this deck alongside his Cable deck!

And here's video of us playing the two decks together, and it shows some of the plays both decks are capable of!

Again if you have questions about interactions or rules let me know. I also appreciate comments/critique. Most importantly HAVE FUN! Domino is the Jackpot! of heroes.


Aug 19, 2023 Schmendrix · 5185

That double Diamondback play is so sick.

Aug 19, 2023 bangejr · 1

Got to see this one almost complete Next Evolution as well. Domino is a powerhouse for single target and minion clear plus this particular build provides a noticeable about of healing. Allowing team mates to either stay in hero form longer or powerhouse Allies to stay on the board longer. The support aspect of the deck really benefits from good group communication. A lot of the time Helicarrier as well as night nurse and the med teams were supporting characters other than Domino(in this case Phoenix, Wolverine and Cable).

Aug 19, 2023 journeyman2 · 21769

This is the Domino primer everyone needs in their life!!

Aug 20, 2023 Royal7 · 27

That Jackpot loop sounds insanely fun. Thanks for writing it up.

Aug 20, 2023 Rio_d · 1

I played something very similar today and it was probably the most fun I've had playing this game. Domino is absolutely insane. I only stopped having fun when I got her obligation.....

Aug 20, 2023 dr00 · 41155

What does high score mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it? I can't stop pulling Jackpots!

Aug 20, 2023 Moofin · 1

Thank you for sharing your deck!

Just wanted to make sure. Is that double diamondback play response sequence correct? See 3.5.

  1. Swap jackpot to the top of the deck (Hero mode)
  2. Diamondback goes brrrr
  3. Don't trigger Jackpot! it will land in the discard first and then Diamondback will be on top of the discard. (3.5 Before you go AE, Jackpot's discard response will trigger and it will get mixed back into your deck then shuffle)
  4. Go to AE and use Domino's ability to swap Diamondback to hand and replay her
  5. Pip (??? no jackpot in discard pile)

I'm totally lost with this timing window lol please let me know what's correct and thanks!

Aug 20, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

@Moofin it is a response not a forced response. Anytime you shuffle it back into the deck you are choosing g to trigger its response. In that example I am not choosing to resolve its response and letting it hit the discard.

Aug 20, 2023 Moofin · 1

@Man-is-Obsolete perfect, thank you for explanation!

Aug 20, 2023 Kenji · 15

"Don't trigger Jackpot! it will land in the discard first and then Diamondback will be on top of the discard."

What do you mean by that? How you do the 3 damages if you don't discard jackpot ?

Aug 20, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

@Kenji don’t trigger Jackpot!’s Response. Basically when you discard Jackpot via one of Domino’s cards like Diamondback the following happens:

  1. Jackpot is discarded from the top of the deck.
  2. It is placed in the discard
  3. You count the number of printed resource icons to calculate damage
  4. You now have a choice:

A. Trigger Jackpot!’s response and shuffle it into the deck. B. Leave Jackpot! where it is in the discard.

The latter option is sometimes the right choice! It allows The Painted Lady to grab/catch it. If you start your turn in alter ego you can use Outlaw or Diamondback first to see what they discard and who knows it may be Jackpot! Then you leave it in the discard and use Neena’s ability to swap Jackpot to hand from the top of the discard.

Aug 20, 2023 josseroo · 658

Thanks for taking the time to do this write up. There are a lot of great Domino tips in there.

The deck would be at home in Solo Champions League where Protection decks with only a splash of aspect cards tend to be very common.

Aug 21, 2023 Raxle · 51

Hello Thanos for your deck It inspired mine (agression version)

Aug 21, 2023 Raxle · 51

Thanos = Thanks. Damn corrector !!

Sep 03, 2023 jonhutch01 · 1

@dr00 Don't worry bro, I caught the reference. Such an underrated movie. Nick Swardson is hilarious. Makes me want a car bed too...

Also can't wait to try this deck out! Thanks for sharing!

May 23, 2024 nerman8r · 4

I don't know if I'm being dense here, but it seems like your examples for getting double-Jackpots involve using the AE ability to put a card from the discard pile into your hand. It doesn't do that... You could put Jackpot in the Painted Lady, draw it that way, then use Pip to put Diamondback on top of your deck, then switch Jackpot with Diamondback.

May 23, 2024 dr00 · 41155

@nerman8r Domino's alter-ego ability lets you swap the top card of your discard with any card from your hand, so as long as Jackpot! is the top card of your discard, you can do that. for example, you can spend it on Med Team, Outlaw, or Atlas Bear, just something that won't go to the discard after spending it (like an event), and then you can swap for it while in alter-ego

also Pip the Pug can put either Jackpot! or Diamondback on top of your deck since it can put any posse card or Domino card

May 25, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

Dr00’s right, there’s a way to use Jackpot as a resource 3 times if you wanted to be a complete degenerate haha.

Once from hand on say Outlaw Pull it back with her AE ability and pay for say Med Team Then use Pip the Pug to put it back on top of the deck and use Weapon X to discard and add it to hand and pay for a third thing.

May 29, 2024 nerman8r · 4

How did I misread that card like five times? Sorry for the confusion, if any!

May 31, 2024 dr00 · 41155

@nerman8r nah you're good! doesn't hurt to ask the question, cos otherwise you'll never know!

Jun 02, 2024 AeonAnomaly · 1

So, I'm ramping up to do a Cable/Domino run of Next Evolution, and just happened to build Cable with his Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat deck, then happened to find this one. Sure enough, you already recommend that deck to work with this one. Great!

However, the two decks share one card. Build Support.

I think it works better in the Cable deck, so what would you recommend as another card for this deck instead?

Jun 03, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

@AeonAnomaly You can actually play both Build Supports! Just not at the same time. Uniqueness does not check the victory display, and this Domino deck has lots of targets for even a second Build Support.

Otherwise Render Medical Aid could be a great option!

Jun 10, 2024 AeonAnomaly · 1

@Man-is-Obsolete I only have one physical copy. That's the issue. Not a rules issue.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Jun 10, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4292

@AeonAnomaly ah yes the real final boss: only 1 copy of the player side schemes haha