My Own Worst Frenemy

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VillainTheory · 22045

If Cable and Deadpool are Frenemies, then Cablepool is...his own worst frenemy!

The first deck in my Unusual X-Force series! Want to know more? Here's the video:

Why is it unusual?

For one thing, we're playing Mr. Side Scheme without the one side scheme from our actual aspect! But also? No one's been publishing Cable decks with Ambush. Cable likes Ambush. A lot.

Aaand it's 45 cards. By diluting our deck, we can bring more side schemes with less risk of them flooding our hand. And we delay an encounter card from decking out so we have more time to build. And, by the time our events are powered-up, our deck is thinned anyway!


  • Archetype: Safe 'Pool
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Play Style: Side Scheme Farmer
  • Recommended Player Count: 1-2 Player
  • Ideal Aspect Partner: Justice

Mulligan Priorities:

Setup Ability Choice:

Simple Guide to Success:

  1. Make farming side schemes your priority, but not at the expense of losing the game. Use Ambush and allies to help keep the board clear, and Plasma Rifle once you have it.

  2. Specialized Training is our best side scheme. Choosing Surveillance Specialist will help you set up better/faster and give you immediate card draw (you can trigger it immediately if you used a basic THW), while Combat Specialist will help more with board control and ending the game. Both are great choices.

  3. Graymalkin is Build Support's best find, but is great to play raw anyway.

  4. Call for Backup loves Nick Fury or Professor X. Nick's card draw can help you set up faster or give you a burst of tempo, while Professor X can help smash any other threat while setting you up via the confuse to go alter-ego in the future (X-Bunker + Professor is so good.)

  5. Plasma Rifle is Superpower Training's main target, but is also good to play raw.

  6. Get Rage-y loves Nick Fury, Professor X, and Spider-Man (on the first turn he's played!)

  7. Use allies and/or Blackout to soften up player side schemes early on. We have many allies with 1 THW to soften up the 3 threat side schemes so Cable can then finish them off and ready.

  8. Blackout counts as Cable defeating side schemes since it's an Upgrade, not an Ally or Support. That means you can ready from it removing the last threat from a side scheme.

  9. Bob, Agent of Hydra is great here. He can enter play, ping one threat, and let you defeat that side scheme with a basic THW (which readies you). Then, if you play another side scheme that turn, he can thwart for another one threat and you can basic THW again to defeat that too.

  10. You can save Tic-Tac-Toe, with 6 damage on it, to trigger once more and deal 7 damage whenever you are ready to finish the villain off. Combining this with Plasma Rifle and a Telekinetic Blast is devastating.

If you want more, the first deck in the series can be found here:

Good luck and have fun!


Feb 14, 2024 dr00 · 37796

you definitely should consider Live Dangerously though. the thing is, you don't want it to last forever, but with Cable specifically, he can just play over it with another side scheme, and he has so many of them so can have it stay out exactly as long as you want it to, and you don't even need to defeat it in case you want to try to use it later

Feb 14, 2024 VillainTheory · 22045

@dr00 That's a very fun strategy. I actually really like Live Dangerously and have mostly ran Cablepool with it and Laser Swords! (Though I will say I didn't feel like I missed them when testing this deck.)

Feb 15, 2024 dr00 · 37796

yeah, i tried Laser Swords briefly, but he wants to thwart so often. sure he can thwart then ready so you can use the swords... but then also he has his rifle which is really just as good anyway with minimal setup compared to what he's already doing anyway. seemed like a lot of work that wasn't paying off in a way he needed