She-Hulk - SPEED RUN 15 turns

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neothechosen · 935


I've been eager to get my hands on the Wasp hero pack. It is filled with a lot of great aggressive cards, IMO it will help aggro solo decks a lot. Tired of delay, I've tried the new cards by substituting with some of those we already have at hand (in this list, only Press the Advantage is actually played as Surprise Attack). I was looking to upgrade a few decks that I thought could use some work and this She-Hulk SPEED RUN deck did an incredible job.

I remember reading about that Captain Marvel justice speed run that cleared the campaign in 15 turns.

This is EXACTLY what this She-Hulk did, and with ease. Cleared every villain from RORS in 3 turns. It's super-agressive, super simple, super satisfying! How does it work?



TURN 1: flip, deal 2 dmg with 'do you even lift?', play Surprise Attack for 4 dmg. Basic attack (3dmg), One-Two Punch, basic attack (3 dmg). Play Counterattack. First stage is done.

Crossbones attacks, you use Counterattack and deal 3 dmg.

TURN 2: only 4 cards in hand is really rough and the only reason you won't win in 2 turns. You play the Hulk, attack for 3, ready from Earth's Mightiest Heroes (exhausting Hulk), attack for 3. Revert to Jennifer Walters.

TURN 3: flip, deal 2 dmg, basic attack and win. Could have dealt way more, which only shows how strong She-Hulk would be with a larger hand size.

Move to the next. If it goes as well for you as it did for me, you'll spend more time sorting cards and building the next encounter deck than actually playing the campaign!

Have fun!


Jan 14, 2021 jcustar07 · 1

I just tried this. I just so happened to choose Klaw as my enemy. It didn't work. BUT it would definitely work against most every other scenario. It was working great until Klaw II came out which brought out his new side scheme The "Immortal" Klaw. Gives him +10HP. That plus having 4 minions by rd 5 and I lost due to scheme. I was only in alter-ego twice. I also only had 1 health left.

Like I said, just bad luck with some cards and Klaw really messes this plan up. I was definitely doing enough damage to destroy any villain in the campaign by round 3 for sure!

Great deck!

Jan 15, 2021 neothechosen · 935

Thanks so much! To be honest I didn't try anything but the RORS campaign with this deck, didn't think it was possible to get the job done against other scenarios (RORS villains seem to have lower hp so...). You've made me curious, guess I'll have to try!

THX again!

Jan 20, 2021 gustave154 · 6

I finished the campaign in 15 turns. Whew those were the fastest games ever! She-Hulk is back in business baybeeee

Jan 20, 2021 neothechosen · 935

Oh yeaaaaah!!