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VillainTheory · 23468

“Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon.” - Wolverine, the Logan movie

“Fantasy Flight Games made me a freak. Rapid Response made me a weapon.” - Jubilee, this deck

This deck has three key ways to get incredible value:

And all of these, of course, love Utopia!

The combo with Jubilee can instantly end a game, with a minimum of 19 damage and - with just a few more cards - upwards of 35+! Better yet, the individual pieces of this combo are still great on their own, making the overall deck very consistent.

If you like this deck, feel free to give it a ❤ ! Thank you!

Wolverine & Friends

The Bub Club

This deck is built around the concept of getting incredible damage out of recurring Jubilee. By having her enter play multiple times on a single turn, you can get some crazy damage bonuses. However, other X-Men also benefit from the cards she likes and often, with Wolverine’s crazy damage, you can win before even lining up the full Jubilee combo!

Wolverine is already blessed with great threat removal on top of his amazing damage. As a Leadership deck, this deck is - for the most part - an all-rounder that shores up every pillar of the game. This makes it suitable at all player counts.

Your mulligan priority is as follows: Utopia, The X-Jet, Helicarrier, Clarity of Purpose, and Adamantium Skeleton.

Once you have any of your three consistent resource generators in play (X-Jet, Helicarrier, or Clarity of Purpose), Adamantium Skeleton becomes the next most important upgrade to play. You should also aim to play at least one Command Team and Rapid Response per deck pass if possible.


Jubilee is the star of the show, the prime bub herself. Her Response can stack multiple times on Wolverine in one turn as you repeatedly bring her into play with the likes of Rapid Response, Pixie and Make the Call.

An ideal setup will include the following 4 upgrades/supports in play:

And the general order of operations is then:

  1. Play Jubilee (or use Make the Call for her) and trigger her response
  2. Make a basic ATK with Wolverine (now at 5 ATK)
  3. Make a basic ATK with Jubilee (now at 3 ATK)
  4. Use Command Team on Jubilee and have her attack again
  5. Trigger Rapid Response to bring Jubilee back and trigger her response again
  6. Trigger Utopia to ready Wolverine back up
  7. Make a basic ATK with Wolverine (now at 7 ATK)
  8. Make a basic ATK with Jubilee (now at 3 ATK again)

In total, this amounts to 21 damage (5 + 3 + 3 + 7 + 3) which is enough to end many solo games. And, if putting the whole thing together escapes you, even just part of the combo is excellent - even playing Jubilee on her own, with no combo pieces, is great!

Fortunately, it's not hard to put this combo together. And you can even boost your potential damage on a turn much higher through one or multiple of the following:

Professor Bub

A powerful bub in his own right, Professor X loves having Command Team around. In addition to confusing a villain and blocking a villain attack, using Command Team on him sends him from 3 threat removal to 6 threat removal. In solo, that's enough to defeat most of the side schemes in the game and is still considerable in multiplayer!

Don't be afraid to use charges of Command Team on Professor X if you'll get use from his THW. And don't forget that, if the stars align, you can use him to ready you on a Jubilee turn for major damage!


The blue bub Beast brings both excellent value and a balance of great ATK and great THW. He is a fantastic in almost any situation. Although he costs an initial investment of 5 effective resources (4-cost and the card itself), by finding a resource card from your discard pile he effectively refunds a huge chunk of his cost, making him equivalent to a 2-cost instead of a 4-cost in most cases.

A "2-cost" ally with 2 THW/2 ATK/3 HP is extraordinarily good already, but Beast also loves Rapid Response. Triggering Rapid Response brings him back with 1 less hp, but he still finds you a resource card - making Rapid Response effectively cost 1 resource to grant you a 2 THW/2 ATK/2 hp ally.

While Rapid Response might gain more value when used in the Jubilee combo, there's no point in holding onto it to use with her only to be defeated by other means. If you're under pressure and both Beast and Rapid Response are available, don't hesitate to use Rapid Response on him instead!

General Bubbery

The aim of the game is to build up all the pieces of the combo while using the inherent power of both Wolverine's kit and the X-Men allies to control the board. Utopia in particular shines on any turn you play any X-Men ally, not just Jubilee, and you should use Rapid Response and/or Command Team on other allies too if necessary.

In addition to Professor X, Colossus is a great target for a use of Command Team - whether to gain tempo back after saving his Tough for the villain's attack, or for an immediate burst of 6 damage.

There's no point in building up to a combo if you lose before you can pull it off! Solid immediate value is better than incredible later value if it keeps you in the game.

Both Beast and Professor X will do incredible work to keep the board under control and should be your main targets with Make the Call. If you draw Make the Call and one of them is in your discard pile, you should probably use it on one of them! (Unless Jubilee is there and you're ready to unleash the combo.)

Alternative Bubs

If you want to break from the X-Men theme, Maria Hill is an easy addition who can replace Gentle.

Lead from the Front can increase the Jubilee combo even further, though it can have limited value otherwise and clog up the deck. Add this if you want to make big number go bigger, and leave it at home if you want to better your chances of winning.

Cerebro can help you to find Jubilee or any other X-Men ally of your choice. Personally, I don't think this is worth it given its conditions (alter-ego, chance to miss with no psionic) over the many other excellent cards Leadership has available, but it is a strong option that may work for you.

Uncanny X-Men is a very powerful card that does a lot for this deck overall, but makes the Jubilee combo harder to pull off as now you need both Command Teams in play to spend all her hp in one turn and trigger an immediate Rapid Response. But it's so good it's still worth considering - I suggest either bringing a third Command Team if you go this route or dropping all your Command Teams+the Jubilee combo altogether.

Fastball Special is another good option. Personally I like to prioritize recurring Professor X, Beast and Jubilee - but keeping Colossus around means Fastball Special is always ready as a great attack card.

Good luck and have fun! And special thanks go to journeyman2 for his contributions!


Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 20217

Thanks for the mention! Good luck with the deck, the combo is pretty killer!

Nov 15, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6812

Cool combo!

Quick rules Q: Can a Jubilee that re-enters play for a 2nd time stack the +2 for herself? I totally agree it stacks for Wolverine, but is this not the same as the Vision ally ruling that states its a 'new' version coming in?

Either way, creative idea here. Well done as always! One day youre going to have every single deck on the main page ;)

Nov 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 23468

@teamcanadahockey2002 Ahh, I don't know about that! I think I'll probably slow down on the deck-building now we don't have four heroes releasing at once AND a new tribe being introduced! Got a couple more decks in the works, of course...

Regarding the rules, I believe so but great question. Vision's bonus applies a stat boost directly to himself - so is lost after he leaves play - while Jubilee's is attached to an enemy. But I have just asked in the Marvel Champions Community Discord to make sure and will comment and edit the write-up if we learn differently.

Nov 15, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6812

@VillainTheory I am curious myself on that ruling. I don't use the Discord personally, but imagine it'll provide a robust discussion. My 2 cents is that its still a new version of Jubilee. If you somehow rescued the Jubilee from Mutants at the Mall after this, I don't think she would get the bonus as cards referring to the character are self-referential only from what I think I understand.

Either way, that's a minimal part of this combo. I also like the idea of abusing Utopia to get a free ready out of the deal. I'm playing around with a Protection idea for Wolverine based around playing Nightcrawler every turn that is similar in some ways, but without the cool +2 stat boost that you have here.

Nov 15, 2022 wedgeex · 38

With the consistency you can get Allies back in hand from the deck I'm surprised this isn't running Fastball Special.

Nov 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 23468

@teamcanadahockey2002 I posted your question and the revised response was split - though actually slightly in favor of it not working! We have submitted the question to FFG and we'll see what they definitively say. Until we hear back, to be on the safe side, I have edited the write-up here to subtract 2 damage where mentioned and put a note near the start. Fortunately it's such a small difference that it's still excellent!

@wedgeex You could definitely add Fastball Special! It has great damage for its low cost. The reason I didn't include it in this version of the deck is that we already have a lot of good allies to recur, Wolverine already annihilates minions and, if you pull the Jubilee combo off, the villain is likely to be defeated anyway (at least in solo).

Nov 17, 2022 Fry · 233

Katy Perry approves of this strategy. Baby, you're a firework!

Jan 04, 2023 VillainTheory · 23468

Small update: we did get a response from FFG and they have confirmed that, if Jubilee reenters play, both triggers of her response still work on herself! In other words, if you Rapid Response her on the same turn as you initially play her (and pick the same enemy both times), she gets +4 to her ATK against the chosen enemy.

I've updated the write-up to reflect this! You can see the whole reply here at question 215:

Feb 27, 2023 baseball · 1

this deck is amazing. beat normal loki with my buddy with it. probably doesnt sound impressive but we arnt very good at the game lol. thanks!

Apr 12, 2023 Cosmic_Outlaw · 1

Yeah, crazy good Wolverine deck. Shows how much value Jubilee brings, boosting his attack and further boosting their basic powers via Utopia/Professor X ready effects. Liked this one so much more than Protection Wolverine. Thanks!

Mar 11, 2024 DoxaLogos · 218

Digging this deck. Those Rapid Response combos with Beast or Jubilee are killer.