Venom x Wolverine

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"I've taken beatings in my life. Had body and mind put to the test. Football. Dad. Boot camp. Mosul. Both legs amputated above the knee. An entire lifetime of getting my ass kicked to the ground can't begin to measure up to these past twelve hours." - Flash Thompson: Venom Vol 2 #9"

Venom is an interesting hero deck to play. The combination of Venom/Flash Thompson Space Knight is an interesting choice from the Marvel Champions developers. This is not the Venom everyone knows from the Spider-Man movies, but a different, more mature and developed Venom. I just LOVE IT!

The core deck is very balanced and comes with everything you would need from a deck. A little bit of thwart, a bit of damage, a bit of defense and some boosts from the upgrades. As the core deck is covering all the basics, I have decided I do not need to include anymore events in the deck, as Venom got this covered. All cards included are here to support Venom doing what he does best, and this is everything.

The allies

All allies with the exception of Wolverine are Guardians, where Wolverine is an Honorary Guardian.

Drax has great damage output. Gamora will get an event when she attacks or thwarts, Groot can be kept on the board to defend against minions, and thanks to his effect, he will most often than not get healed to full. Martinex is cheap and efficient to play.

Wolverine is like a permanent support card. Once he is on the board, thanks to Locked and Loaded upgrades for him are easy to be obtained and he can be geared up with extra 3 attack points (5 including Boot Camp) and extra 1 hit points. Wolverine's ability to heal means that every other turn he can attack for 7 with Ranged and Piercing and of course if times are truly desperate, he can be a chunk damage blocker, but let's try to avoid using him for this...

All Events are from the core set and after set-up, it is easy to cycle through them and play 2-3-4 events each round.

Support and Upgrades

--Side Note-- Once the deck has trimmed down to allies, events and resources, thanks to Locked and Loaded, it will be easy to pull out Hand Cannon after all counters are used.