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cihs · 7

I play co op with my girlfriend and I created this deck for her.

As nature Wolverine doesn't need to defend since he heals himself. Also getting damage lets us get a card if we have Berserker Frenzy. While it is active we don't want to go to Alter Ego. So I have What Doesn't Kill Me to heal for 2 and ready ourselves.

I also added Energy Barrierand Forcefield Generator to help us get less damage if we are going low.

Besides What Doesn't Kill MeI also added Tenacity which helps us to ready ourselves. Combination of ready with Jubilee, Adrenaline Rush and ability to get cost value of a tech as attack by Repurpose gives as a huge attack boost.

A good hand would be: Jubile gets in game and gives us +2 damage. Adrenaline rush gives +1 and Repurpose gives +3. Which is extra 6 damage. If we have Adamantium Skeleton in play, our basic attack is 3. All of them allows us to damage for 9. Then we use What Doesn't Kill Me to ready and attack again. (You need to be able to heal 2 damage to be able to do that. Tenacity allows us to ready again by paying with fist resource. In one round we can easily do 27 damage.

Tenacity and Adrenaine Rush are updates so it is a set up for the right time. Energy Barrier and Forcefield generator is there to protect you first and also a set up for the huge attack. Jacosta can save Repurpose for the right time. So basically after the set up all you need is Jubile and hopefully one WHat doesn't kill me for a cheap ready.

Bait and Switch helps with threats. Iron Fist can stun which can be usefull if you have low health.

Some notes

Pinned Down allows us to remove damage from minions. That way we can get cards while only getting one damage. It is very situational and can be added at a minion heavy scenario.

Another thing you can do is to add Dauntless. It gives you retaliate if you have more than 10 health. Once you get Adamantium Skeleton and Endurance you will have 17 top health. It needs you to have 10 health to trigger. By use of Regenerative Healing and What Doesn't Kill Me you can get a very high health and probably stay +10 health with also help of 2 health gain every round.

Black Widow cancels an effect that can force us to go alter ego so we won't discard Berserker Frenzy. You can add her if scenario has some nasty effects like that.

You can also add Tackle to stun enemy if you go low on health. Hopefully Iron Fist will be already there for that.

I like Starhawk since he can always go back to hand if you do 1 attack and 1 thwart. Still you can remove him. Another nice addition if you are okay with having more than 40 cards.

X-Gene gives resorce for identity event cards only and need you to go to AE so you can put it in play. (After that you can play as hero) Can be added.

Have fun


Sep 17, 2023 Mortech · 4

Not sure what Jocasta is doing in this deck; there are no Defense events for her to grab! Remember that Defense (action) is different from Protection (aspect).

Also, Forcefield Generator is a forced interrupt, which means you have to use its counters before damaging Wolverine. This is fine for most characters, but Wolverine gets free healing on himself, which you will likely waste if you're taking damage to Forcefield Generator instead. I guess in multiplayer it's not a big deal since Wolverine can choose to block for his teammate.

Sep 17, 2023 SpiderPK · 89

Tenacity is a bad card, you may better use Indomitable for readying Wolverine.

Sep 19, 2023 cihs · 7

@MortechYou are right. I will fix Jocasta.

We have a house rule which allows us to see the attack before we decide what to do. That is why I made that mistake.

Thank you for the warnings

Sep 19, 2023 cihs · 7

@SpiderPK Hello, With this deck I tried to take damage without defending (since he will heal for 2) and if the damage is too big decrese it with energy barrier.

Since deck doesn't want to defend Indomitable doesn't work well here. My idea of having Tenacity was to be able to create a huge combo when I want. And I agree with you, it is a very bad card.