Cost: 2.

Acción de Alter ego: cura a tu Alter ego tanto Daño como tu REC.

"Parece que ya empiezas a sentirte mejor." —Stephen Extraño
Neil Edwards, Terry Pallot, & Chris Sotomayor
Bruja Escarlata #31.

Healing your identity equal to your REC is roughly equivalent to readying your identity and exhausting to do a basic Recover. Readying your identity generally costs 1+card (Ready to Rumble being the canonical example, but also Justice Served, Indomitable, Battle Fury, etc.) Recuperation is a narrower application of readying your identity, at a higher cost.

You could also compare Recuperation to healing cards. First Aid is equally efficient at healing for the many heroes that have a REC of 3, but First Aid is more flexible in that it can also heal allies and other heroes. If you expect to flip to Alter-Ego more than about once, a Crew Quarters will be more efficient at healing.

I would generally suggest not running this unless you're already maxed out on those other, more efficient cards that can do the same job. Maybe in a Hulk or She-Hulk deck, where you can take advantage of their high REC value and HP total, and where you would rather spend your readying effects punching bad guys. Bonus: has a Fist resource to pay for Hulk's cards!

Fry · 239
I agree that the cost here is significant, and warrants a special use-case to include this card. So let me present one: Venom with the Symbiote Suit and Down Time in play. With that scenario, Venom has 22HP, so he could take two or even three full attacks on the chin, then roll down to AE and heal for 12HP in a single turn. 15HP if you also have Project Rebirth. Not saying it's my first choice, but a Protection Venom running these cards would almost be immortal, lol. — MacGhille · 243