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MiguelCantillo3 · 11455

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Modifications: *Except 2 copies of "Attack Training" all cards are BASIC

Were added:

They were eliminated:

This deck was tested with The Brotherhood and Magneto II on heroic and expert modes, respectively. I'm happy to be able to share it, since from my point of view it presents an original dynamic, especially effective on Phoenix, and above all that I consider powerful and versatile.

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Deck Objectives:

The main goal was to include the maximum number of equipment cards, especially powerful and easy to play thanks to Brain, taking advantage of the PSSIONIC trait of Phoenix and perpetuating allies through X-Mansion. I think that by making the mistake of adding Fastball Special without being able to include it, the truth is that the deck lost much of its charm.

Given the initial cards, the secondary objectives were to enhance the alter-ego as the main dynamic of the deck with Brain in a superhero who stands out for his INT including, in turn, different possibilities for confuse the enemy.

Cards and Combos:

There is nothing better than explaining the deck through its combos:


  1. Psylocke, is an option to confuse and swap our alter-ego, however, it wastes The Power in All of Us and I don't think it lacks cards that confer confused statuses.

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Modificaciones: *Excepto 2 copias de "Entrenamiento de Ataque" todas las cartas son BÁSICAS

Fueron añadidas:

  • El X-Jet
  • 1 copia de Entrenamiento de Ataque

Fueron eliminadas:

Este mazo fue testeado con The Brotherhood y Magneto II en modo heroico y experto, respectivamente. Estoy contento de poder compartirlo, ya que bajo mi punto de vista presenta una dinámica original, especialmente efectiva en Phoenix, y sobre todo que considero potente y versatil.

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Objetivos del Mazo:

El objetivo principal fue incluir el máximo número de cartas equipo, especialmente potentes y fáciles de jugar gracias a Cerebro, aprovechando el rasgo PSIÓNICO de Phoenix y perpetuándo los aliados a través de X-Mansion. Considero que al cometer el error de añadir Fastball Special sin poderse incluir, la verdad que el mazo perdió gran parte de su encanto.

Dadas las cartas iniciales, los objetivos secundarios fueron potenciar el alter-ego como dinámica principal del mazo con Cerebro en un superhéroe que destaca por su INT incluyendo, a su vez, distintas posibilidades para confundir al enemigo.

Cartas y Combos:

No hay nada mejor que explicar el mazo a través de sus combos:


  1. Psylocke, es una opción para confundir e intercambiarnos a nuestro alter-ego, sin embargo, desaprovecha The Power in All of Us y no pienso que le falten de cartas que confieran estados confundidos.

Nov 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 21769

Fastball Special is illegal in this deck per the RRG rules for team-up (only one of the names characters can include it in their deck). I’d also take Magik>Longshot cause Phoenix can use counters for her effect and Psylocke is much better than Psychic Assault, even making the latter overkill. While I do basic REC with Phoenix a lot, I’d still pick Endurance over Down Time because you have White Hot Room and X-Mansion. More health will help her more than more heals. Good luck!

Nov 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 21769

I’m also only counting 23 TBE targets (Cerebro can only be played from alter-ego) and she doesn’t have the Phoenix trait for her Phoenix cards weirdly. Still a lot of targets!

Nov 25, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11455

Hi @journeyman2

Regarding Psylocke and Magik they are aggressive cards. It is not the goal of the deck and would be inefficient. Also, I also don't think it's a better option than Psychic Assault just like I don't see any synergy with Endurance. Precisely Psylocke named it because I don't use it.

I still count 28 cards to be able to play through Team-Building Exercise, maybe I don't understand this point. What is the relationship between being alter-ego and playing Brain for example? As if that were not enough, he could also have partially added Brain's allies in a double way when going from alter-ego to hero. It seems to me an indispensable letter in this superhero.

Lastly, regarding Fastball Special I didn't know about this rule. In that case, I will exchange it for the second copy of Attack Trainning that I don't include and that I name in the description.

Greetings and thanks for your contribution!

Nov 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 21769

Let me clarify!

Cerebro can only be played in alter-ego and Team-Building Exercise is a hero action.

23 targets:

8 allies

3 psychic assault

2 psychic blast

2 telekinetic attack

2 telepathic trickery

1 danger room

1 utopia

1 x-mansion

1 mental paralysis

1 mind control

1 telekinetic shield

22 if you drop Wolverine.

I’d still say Psylocke is probably the single best aggression card currently. She can ping toughs and is cheaper than using 2 Psychic Assaults (5ER vs 6ER). But between her, Prof, psychic assault, and telepathic trickery; Phoenix has more confuse than she can possibly use in solo, so I usually keep Psylocke (especially with Cerebro) and drop the Assaults.

Likewise, Magik and Longshot have nearly the same ability, except that Magik’s easier to trigger, she’s cheaper, and she avoids “When Defeated” effects.

As for Endurance, I’d say it’s pretty important for 9 hp heroes to not get one-shot. Extra healing can only go so far without extra health.

I usually see Phoenix Aggression running Boot Camp. She has the economy to play it and allies and she can support those Allie’s with her 3 THW. Just some thoughts, I’m glad it’s working for you!

Nov 25, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7549

@journeyman2 @MiguelCantillo3 Its also probably worth mentioning the anti-synergy between TBE (for allies) and Danger Room as one is Hero only and the other is Alter-Ego only. It means that if you plan to Danger Room the upgrades onto the allies after using Cerebro, there are even fewer targets for TBE

Nov 27, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11455

I redrafted the text with the @journeyman2 modifications although the discard of Fastball Special ruined the deck for me in my opinion. What a mistake!

Thanks for clarifying it. I accidentally added the PHOENIX trait, that's why I didn't get the numbers. Anyway, Brain couldn't be played? I understand that to use exhaust and play its ability you must be in alter-ego, but not to put it into play via Team-Building Exercise.

Regarding the cards that you propose, as I told you, I give preference in this deck to being basic. However, even though there are cards that are sometimes unbalanced, I generally try to accommodate all of them depending on the deck. I think the cards are well balanced and it's just a matter of playing out their strengths. I already use Psylocke or Magik in other decks. And in this one in particular I get more out of Assault's 3 damage and its 2 resources.

Endurance doesn't boost it although it does compensate for its weak point, and Down Time boosts it. In my opinion both can be solutions.

Thanks, as always!

Nov 27, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11455

You already told me about the antisynergy in the previous deck xD. I had it in mind!

Thanks @teamcanadahockey2002 :)

Nov 27, 2022 journeyman2 · 21769

@MiguelCantillo3 Fair! But if you read Cerebro again, it says you can only play it while you have the Mutant trait. Phoenix (and the other X-Men) only have the Mutant trait in alter-ego. Therefore, you must be in alter-ego to play Cerebro

Nov 27, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 11455

True @journeyman2. Thank you!