Sweet and Salty - an Ode to D20 Woodworking

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andyr · 2194

It doesn’t get more meme than this for me. Valkyrie + Pool + a poem = A Decent Marvel Champions Deck.

Edit: it’s supposed to be Avengers Mansion, not the tower. I mis-clicked, as I seem to be prone to do these days. :facepalm:

For d20woodworking, a warrior's heart,
Whose love for Valkyrie tears foes apart.
Her spear she throws, a righteous might,
Banishing shadows with glorious light.

But oh, the Pool, that dreaded foe,
A test of patience, a source of woe.
Cards drawn, a gamble, a tense decree,
Will Valkyrie rise, or fall to her knee?

"Pool, please," you cry, a plea in vain,
As resources dwindle, frustration's rain.
But still you fight, with grit and skill,
Her strength within you, your spirit will.

For Valkyrie's not just a deck in hand,
She's courage, defiance, a hero grand.
She stands against the darkness bold,
A story told, a legend unfolds.

So keep on rolling, d20 friend,
Though Pool may vex you, your battles transcend.
For Valkyrie's spirit, in you it thrives,
A champion's heart, where true victory lies.

So raise your fist, let the dice fly free,
And know that Valkyrie fights right beside thee.
For even the Pool can't dim your light,
When passion burns, and justice takes flight.


Feb 10, 2024 Papaporio · 18

Feb 10, 2024 andyr · 2194

Oh no! That’s supposed to be Avengers Mansion. Thanks for catching that.

¡Oh, no! Se supone que es la Mansión de los Vengadores. Gracias por ver eso.

Feb 12, 2024 alechoward41 · 182

I love the poem

Feb 16, 2024 Greg · 97

I know it says this is a meme deck, so maybe a moot point, but I'm curious about some of your choices here. (Not to criticize; I'm a fellow Valkyrie enjoyer who has been trying to come up with a 'Pool deck for her that I'm happy with. Figured maybe I could pick your brain.)

What is your general plan with Laser Swords, Dragonfang, and Valkyrie's Spear? It counts as 4 restricted cards (and no Side Holster). Do you simply drop Fang and Spear to equip the Swords once you have 2+ icons and are ready for your final push? With this in mind, what kind of priority do you even put on playing Valkyrie's Spear? IMO, she seldom wants to use her basic defense anyways, so perhaps it gets more value as an extra resource to attach Death-Glow or trigger Stick-To-Itiveness.

What is your preferred target for Superpower Training? Aragorn? I don't love needing 3pp threat removal to get a single-use 5 threat removal upgrade, but maybe it's worth it sometimes since Flight of the Valkyrior can one-shot Specialized Training in solo? In my testing I found it difficult to pull off multiple PSS, but maybe you have a different experience (or maybe you don't intend to hit all 3 in a single game).

I like Quincarrier a little better than Avengers Mansion. (Of course if you can fit both, Valkyrie can always use the extra economy.) Quincarrier can be grabbed by Build Support, and the resource can be used to attach Death-Glow, or reliably trigger Stick-To-Itiveness. Nice inclusion by the way--I initially thought Stick duplicated Death-Glow's functionality too much, but readying without needing to attack an enemy is actually super useful, especially after hitting Shadow of the Past!

Final thought, personally I'm a huge fan of Symbiote Suit on Valkyrie. Between the stats, hand-size, and hit points to face-tank a bit more, the Hazard seems well worth it, especially if you're leaning into the icons for Laser Swords (and a card draw for "I Got This"). It's also a for Tic-Tac-Toe.

Feb 16, 2024 Greg · 97

In the last sentence of my comment above I was conflating Tic-Tac-Toe and Rock, Paper, Scissors. Including the extra wild for Tic-Tac-Toe probably isn't really worth it, but for Rock, Paper, Scissors it's (usually) a free card draw. On second look, I realize you didn't include Rock, Paper, Scissors, that was a deck I was testing.

(Still a fan of the Symbiote Suit, just not as concerned about the resource)

Feb 16, 2024 andyr · 2194

@Greg I love the well-thought out questions. Totally appreciate them. It’s definitely true that this deck would greatly benefit a real write-up on my intentions behind the cards :)

Laser Swords, will replace the other two. Dragonfang is nice early on, but I don’t appreciate its single target for the bonus. Don’t pass it up if the cards are right to play it. But it’s okay to discard Dragonfang. Now I will say, in building and testing, I was content with Laser Swords and wasn’t thinking about Side Holdster, but that is an awesome idea to really ramp up and endgame push. It’d also open up another good target for Superpower Training.

For Superpower Training, yeah, Aragorn is the target. The 4 hit points is very nice on Valkyrie. And because of using Death Glow, it can be hard to prioritize paying for it or waiting for it.

For Quincarrier, unless I’m playing a lot of cards on the villain phase, I usually try to avoid it so another avenger can play it because of the uniqueness. It’s a great add if you’d like though to your point on stick-to-itiveness. And Build Support will hit Valhalla or Helicarrier.

Especially in this ready and high attack build, symbiotic suit would definitely earn its pay.

They are great thoughts, questions, and add-ons. Probably my favorite part of marvelcdb is watching ideas and decks get better with other people’s perspectives. Thanks for posting!

Feb 16, 2024 andyr · 2194

@Greg also, I meant to say, I hope you post your Valkyrie ‘pool! It’s definitely a fun combo.

Feb 16, 2024 Greg · 97

@andyr Thanks for the response! Good point about Quincarrier's uniqueness. I hadn't really thought about that because I've been mostly testing in solo. I'll have to experiment some more with multi-player. Should give Valkyrie a little more breathing room to get set up, too.

I also enjoy the shared brain-power of marvelcdb. :) You've definitely given me some more ideas to test out tonight, and I'll post my deck once it's all figured out!

Feb 17, 2024 tunic2011 · 137

Just another deck I desperately need to try/play. (where did my time go?) Anyway it was awesome reading back and forth between @andyr and @Greg. I can definitely be chill with the no write-up and only a poem. I can't wait to play this deck.