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dr00 · 33449

git gudWarning, repeated use of this deck may turn you into a gremlin.

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I think it would be quite difficult for anyone to argue for a more unique hero than SP//dr / Peni Parker. First of all, the identity is spread over two cards. No longer do you have to make a decision between exhausting to REC or some other basic power. Instead, you make a decision point between draw 2 cards, THW, ATK, or DEF, and REC or a resource. What's more, SP//dr is the first hero with a 3 card hand size, and first alter-ego with a hand size of 4. How does this hero possibly even function? Thankfully there a few essential components of her kit that help you build quickly and eventually transition into powerful combo turns in the late game. In this write up, I'll discuss SP//dr in detail and then move onto how she works in this specific deck.

First, a little back story. If you have watched Into the Spider-verse, you should find the character quite familiar, but not, perhaps, the design. Please check out Edge of Spider-verse #5 from writer Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance; Umbrella Academy). It's just a single issue, but that is all you need to become more familiar with your new favourite Marvel Champion.

SP//dr Suit

Next, lets discuss how SP//dr functions. There are quite a few nuances to getting the most out of her. First, I'll go over the interface upgrades, then her economy, and finally some additional things to keep in mind.


SP//dr has access to 5 interface upgrades, Host Spider, Psychic Link, Speed-Metal Alloy, Web-Fluid Compressor, and finally the back side of her alter-ego, SP//dr (sorry it's the best image I can find; will edit a better one later). Each upgrade provides some benefit other than its resource. You can: get +2 THW, ATK, or DEF, ready your Suit, or REC (after flipping to Alter-ego of course). Knowing when to use your interface as a resource or a bonus stat is one of the best skills to develop for playing SP//dr effectively. This also affords a wealth of flexibility. You could spend 5 resources to play a bunch of cards from your hand, or you could make a basic attack at +2, then ready and make a basic thwart at +2, then flip and heal. Or you could draw 2 cards instead of that thwart action.

The next thing to keep in mind is setting up your suit. Perhaps the most important card of your deck is All Systems Go!. With it, you can find your next interface upgrade. Useful for building your suit at the start of the game and for retrieving lost pieces from an untimely Caught Off Guard. Late game, when you are all setup, you can ready all of your upgrades. That's up to 3 extra resources, or another basic activation, or another boost to your stats, extra drawn cards, a much-needed REC when you flip to alter-ego, or any combination of whatever you want.

It's easy to see how important this card is for helping SP//dr function at peak efficiency, but it's not alone. Aunt May & Uncle Ben isn't just card draw. It is a often-overlooked tool in Marvel Champions. It helps you mill your own deck so that you can reshuffle and get back to your most powerful cards again. Don't worry about the extra encounter card; it's absolutely worth it to see your All Systems Go! back in the deck. What's more, it helps you draw cards, and some of your most powerful cards in fact. Get this onto the board as quickly as possible and use it every single round. I promise you won't regret it. And finally, SP//dr Command helps to smooth out your interface economy. Be flexible with your flexibility and change it up by attacking for +2 twice in a round and then doing the same thing with thwart on the next.

Maintenance Tips

A few maintenance quirks about SP//dr and your Suit. Keep in mind that Peni Parker and SP//dr (the pilot upgrade) are the double sides of the same card, and the active and inactive sides of the SP//dr suit are the other. While in Alter-ego, your alter-ego identity is Peni Parker, and your suit is a support. You can exhaust your alter-ego to REC 4, and you are giving up a on the other side. You can exhaust your support to draw 2 cards and are trading with a basic hero power (THW, ATK, or DEF). While in hero form, your hero identity is the active side of the SP//dr suit, and SP//dr is now an upgrade attached to that hero identity. One final note to mention, all counters, upgrades, and attachments from from Peni to the Suit. This does have some interesting implications, such as tough status cards gained while in alter-ego will remain on Peni while in alter-ego, but when you flip, they will thankfully move to be attached to your hero. Unfortunately, this also means that tough status cards gained while in hero form will remain on the suit (even as the inactive support) and not benefit Peni.

There are a few cards we haven't discussed yet. VEN#m is incredibly expensive at 4 cost, 3 hitpoints, and only 1 THW/ATK, but she gains +1 THW / +1 ATK for every resource you spent using her interface upgrades (up to her cost). So using most of your upgrades to pay for her will net you a 5 THW / 5 ATK ally, much more deserving of that high 4 cost. Similarly, Rapid Deployment and Web-Trap benefit from using your interface upgrades to pay for them. Thankfully, you only need to spend at least 1 resource (not all). One final note about Rapid Deployment is that the bonus thwarting need not be from the same scheme. What's more, if you are able to clear the last crisis scheme in play with the first thwart, you can take away from the main with the bonus. And finally, Ejection Protocol is your typical oh SH#t button. Just remember where the tough status card ends up (if you were already in alter-ego, you get to keep it; if not, it goes to your suit).

Red SP//dr

For this deck, I have chosen a couple specific combos that work synergistically together and also allow SP//dr a lot of flexibility. The first synergy I want to discuss is the Web-Warriors, and the next is going to be the Aggression aspect cards that help SP//dr embrace her inner D.Va to blow stuff up.


With the release of Spider-Ham and SP//dr, we finally have a sizeable number of Web-Warrior allies to choose from. Unfortunately, there are no Aggression options, but there are quite a few strong basics. The best part is how synergistically they all work together with SP//dr and support cards such as Across the Spider-Verse and Web of Life and Destiny. Web of Life and Destiny may end up only drawing a few cards for you throughout the game, but you can draw for every single Web-Warrior ally after they leave play. If you play this in hero form, it has a 0 cost (even if some encounter effect is increasing the cost for some reason). The dirt cheap setup will more than make up for it, even if you only only draw 1 or 2 cards. Across the Spider-Verse is another wonderful option, especially useful here in SP//dr as you have access to a lot of extra resources in play with your upgrades to keep paying the cost again and again. One use of Across the Spider-Verse can easily fill your board with three new allies.

This helps get past a couple of their little quirks as well.

  • Spider-Man (Basic Peter Parker) requires to play, and thankfully SP//dr's upgrades can easily meet that requirement, having access to each of the above and two . Across the Spider-Verse can ignore that requirement as well if need be (and get a small discount). He also helps synergise with the deck's Aggression cards, but more on that later.
  • Scarlet Spider is quite expensive if you pay for him at cost, but what if you had a two-resource discount and drew a card when he left play? Three resources for four extra cards and a block sounds pretty good to me (or three resources for five extra cards)!
  • Spider-Man (Hobbie) can enter play, thwart for two, block an attack, and punk the villain on his way out (and draw you a card).
  • Spider-Man (Otto) can get all of this started by readying an interface upgrade, drawing a card (and drawing another card or readying another upgrade with SP//dr Command) and later exhausting to pay the cost of Across the Spider-Verse.



The second and final synergy for this deck revolves around readying multiple times, attacking with overkill, and racking up ALL THE POINTS.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who was sceptical about SP//dr after the announcement (three card hand size? two identity cards?? why wasn't this [insert other spider hero here]???), I hope I have changed your mind a bit on this one. SP//dr is an absolute blast to play and brings something totally unique to Marvel Champions.


Jul 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 13867

I’m a fan of x3 Follow Through! Such sneaky value all game long!

Jul 15, 2022 Moby · 4201

Amazing deck as usual! I will never not favorite a Follow Through deck. Gonna try this when I pick her up from the LGS tonight!

Jul 15, 2022 dr00 · 33449

love to see all the love for Follow Through. such an underappreciated card <3

Jul 15, 2022 Dojireju2 · 1

Any suggestions for replacing Symbiote Suit. I consider a bit overpowered and many are using it in decks. I’m trying to stay away from it. I’m excited to try this out.

Jul 16, 2022 dr00 · 33449

@Dojireju2 sure, Ghost-Spider is a great card that i actually forgot to include originally lol. it's such a great card cos it means more All Systems Go!. also, depending on your matchup, you could try Unshakable, Down Time, Crew Quarters, or Endurance for more survivability

to fix the ATK drop, a third copy of Hand Cannon or Jarnbjorn work as well.

good luck and enjoy!

Jul 17, 2022 Sammyt1991 · 1

There's Anya corazon as an aggression ally. Granted, she does lack the web warrior trait though.

Jul 18, 2022 DaveNX01 · 1

Not sure on the double resources, granted I have only played a few games, but found using her cards wanting an interface, you don't need the 2nd resource. I would maybe replace them with Power of Aggression and either a Boot Camp or Audacity.

Jul 19, 2022 dr00 · 33449

@Sammyt1991 yeah, it's at least thematically great and works well mechanically by adding more stun and confuse support. i wish she interacted better with Warrior of the Great Web too. you don't generally want her to stick around for too long :/

@DaveNX01 there are only 5 cards that want interface resources, and 15 other cards that cost 2 or more. they're also an option for the rare occurrences when you don't need the kicker by using an interface, but the main purpose is so you can set up as quickly as possible since all but one of your interface upgrades costs 2 or more. it's ok that sometimes you don't need the extra resource as long as it's there to help you set up quickly in the early game, and late game being able to save an interface for its bonus to your stats/ready/etc. i think it's also totally valid if your personal playstyle doesn't value them, so that's just my own evaluation, and you should definitely experiment!

Jul 20, 2022 andizzy · 1

awesome deck, can't wait to try this out. What would you replace for Symbiote Suit? I personally don't create decks with those cards unless I play the campaign. Thanks!

Jul 20, 2022 Sammyt1991 · 1

I've tried this deck out against Rhino inheritors and power drain. This deck is awesome, calling it "nerf this" is very fitting given how much damage you can do in a single turn once you have all the interfaces, and ven#m on the board plus the cards that ready your hero and interfaces. It's less thematic but I personally swapped symbiote suit for Godslayer, and added Anya Corazon. I didn't homebrew her as a web warrior, but thematically it would make sense.

I played two handed solo with Jessica drew and a web warrior themed deck and that was rubbish I want to rebuild a justice deck and try it again

Jul 21, 2022 dr00 · 33449

@andizzy there's a comment further up, and @Sammyt1991 has provided a good answer as well, but i'll just list a few of the options mentioned so far: 3rd copy of Hand Cannon, Ghost-Spider (ally), Unshakable, Down Time, Crew Quarters, or Endurance. as @Sammyt1991 mentioned: Godslayer or Spider-Girl. my preference is probably for Ghost-Spider, mainly because i forgot to include her in the initial write-up (whoops! lol). anything that gives you more All Systems Go! has to be good

Jul 23, 2022 spikebot · 1

Unfortunately, this also means that tough status cards gained while in hero form will remain on the suit (even as the inactive support) and not benefit Peni.

I don't think that is correct. SP//DR Suit says to move counters and cards attached. The tough status card is neither a "counter" nor is it "attached". So it would follow the normal rules for status cards which is that they are placed on top of the identity card and follow along when the identity changes.

Jul 27, 2022 Brian-V · 38044

MJ would be proud! This is a great deck @dr00.

Aug 02, 2022 kunkudunk · 6

Another person mentioned follow through above but honestly it is one of the most slept on cards imo even if it’s gaining popularity. I know I (every every person I introduce to the game) originally mistook it for an event. Realized it’s an upgrade, and then realized it turns into the fray into a monster threat clearing card, and mixed with honed technique your aggression player in a 3-4p game can handle all the minions and most of the main scheme threat once set up. It’s such a good card.

Aug 07, 2022 SpaceMadness · 1

Since Spider-man has a unique icon, even though they have different alter egos you can only play one at a time, correct?

Aug 22, 2022 karoob · 1

@SpaceMadness no, you can play any as each Spider is different "person"/alter

Aug 29, 2022 SilverFox · 19

As a small clarification, Ejection Protocol can only be used in hero mode, as activating it is a hero action.

Sep 30, 2022 andizzy · 1

dr00 sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for great options!

Nov 25, 2022 dr00 · 33449

@andizzy how it's my turn to have delayed responses lol. sorry all!

@Brian-V tyty <3

@kunkudunk another thing i think people overlook is that there isn't a limit. you can have all 3 in play all increasing your damage. it can build for a LOT of value

@SpaceMadness: @karoob has answered it :)

@spikebot / @SilverFox you guys are right, and i definitely misread the card!

Jul 13, 2023 morscordis · 1

I'm working on building a web warrior deck for each aspect. Gwen is pretty stand alone and I don't have any conflicts. My Ham and Penni decks however both use Peter, Across the Spider verse, and Web of Life and Destiny. Peter seems pretty important, but do you have recommendations for building this without the web warrior package?

Jul 13, 2023 dr00 · 33449

@morscordis if you take out the WW stuff, you can just use some general value allies, like Ironheart, Nick Fury, Angela (which helps mechanically anyway, by pulling minions to defeat), and value supports like Helicarrier and Avengers Mansion. i think Enhanced Awareness (and physique, etc.) are pretty good value too, since you can use any extra interface upgrades to play them and then use those resources on a later turn to play stuff while still using your interfaces if you need (also easy to play with Power in all of us). Battle Fury is another great include, since you'll be readying and attacking minions so much. and finally, i'm a huge fan of Assess the Situation

curious to know where you end up though! lots of good avenues i think :D

Aug 28, 2023 Shadowsever · 1

Are there any updates you would make currently or is this still what you would run? I love your decks and this is probably my favorite. Just curious!

Aug 29, 2023 dr00 · 33449

Hey @Shadowsever i really appreciate you. the most obvious as you probably saw from the comments was Ghost-Spider. it was kind of an obvious choice that i just didn't think of at the time haha

but up to NeXt, some really important cards are Superpower Training for any of her interface upgrades, and Build Support for Aunt May & Uncle Ben, Web of Life and Destiny, or SP//dr Command. also Digging Deep seems fun for when it's discarded with Aunt May & Uncle Ben, but idk how useful they are outside of that. there's also Lock and Load, which should help a lot for Hand Cannon. i think Moment of Triumph is maybe not so necessary. you get a huge 10 hp heal with the suit tbh, so what i'd probably do is:

a lot of people suggest taking out the basic doubles, but i really like it for early setup since they can pay for most of your interface upgrades. i usually find that if i have one of those and All Systems Go!, i can also play the other card in my hand. but if you want to swap them, i'd probably go for Assess the Situation

also if you are playing multiplayer where finding minions isn't so difficult, definitely drop Looking for Trouble for some of the other cards i mentioned. i'll give it a test with some of the newer cards and keep it updated though! thanks for the comment

Aug 29, 2023 Shadowsever · 1

@dr00 thanks so much for the quick response. I have one deck I built that I’m proud of and does well but otherwise am not a very good Deckbuilder, so I appreciate your stuff a lot! I’ll try that next time I play. We played cable justice and I played this last night and we smashed expert Juggernaut pretty soundly!

Sep 10, 2023 dr00 · 33449

@Shadowsever we all start somewhere! just keep at it. i really appreciate your kind words. grats on the win! sounds like it was a great time :D

Sep 18, 2023 morscordis · 1

@Shadowsever came here to ask these questions myself after seeing these player side schemes in action. @dr00's recommendations are not the direction I would go, so I'll be trying these changes out for sure.